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Success Stories from Health Business Owners Just Like You

I Now Have My Life Back

“Before I started working with Paul I was a hard working mother doing over 60 hours a week working in my health business – however after working with Paul I now only do 10 hours a week with patients and I have got my life back.”

- Jemma Mulligan Owner - Physiotherapy

You Have Just Got to Do It

“I realised I was working like a dog – making money for everybody else – and had no money left in the bank account. Paul has helped me increase my profits, change my systems and I feel much happier as do my staff. We are busier than ever before – I would recommend coaching to any health professional – you have just got to do it.”

- Elizabeth Kiriakidis Owner - My Podiatrist – Melbourne

I Have Created a Lifestyle NOT Just Be Stuck in the Business

“I have been a one on one client of Paul’s for over 12 months and I have found it fantastic – it has taken me to a new level – focused on the structure and the systems in the business that has allowed me to create a lifestyle rather than just be stuck to the business. I could not recommend Paul’s coaching program highly enough.”

- Aaron Hardaker Health Business Owner

Most Health Business Owners Should Have Coaching

“I started coaching with Paul because the business I bought into did not have a lot of structure and, having previously worked in one of Paul’s health practices I knew that Paul was extremely good at that part of health business management. The coaching has helped me significantly. I think most health business owners should have business coaching because a lot of us have no idea about the marketing or business side of health care”

- Michelle Collins Health Business Owner

I Did Not Want to Make the Same Mistakes Other Owners Had Made

“I got involved in coaching because I did not want to make the same mistakes other business owners have made. I can easily see the difference the coaching has made and recommend Paul's program to all health professionals.”

- Yousuf Syed Owner Spine & Sports Physiotherapy

I Had No Idea Where My Business Was Leaking Money From

“I had no idea where my business was leaking money from – yet Paul was able to find the leaks – and guess what – I am making money. It is much more than business coaching as Paul makes sure I achieve my business goals as well as my personal goals – and we all end up really happy.”

- Alex Gazis-Morris Owner

We Are Privileged to Have Paul as Our Coach

“We are privileged to have Paul as our coach as he has had 20 years plus as a health business owner -so when we get suggestions from him we know that he does not want us to make any of the mistakes that he may have made. It is great to be with him.”

- Shireen Syed Owner Spine & Sports Physiotherapy - Mackay
Greg Diamond

I Wish I Had Taken on a Coach 20 Years Ago

“Before I started with Paul my business was controlling me and my team were all making more money than me. I wish I had taken on a coach 20 years ago”

- Greg Diamond Health Business Owner - Physio / Massage / Podiatry
Jerome Finkelstein

Massive Return on Investment

“Paul has been where I am as a health business owner – he has been in the trenches so he was the perfect choice for me as a coach. I have seen massive return on investment from being part of Paul’s program – not only in financial terms but in business confidence and quality of life”

- Jerome Finkelstein Health Business Owner – Physiotherapy / Pilates
Lorcan O Donaile

My Profits Have Doubled

“When I started working with Paul I was working 40 plus hours weeks as a clinician and on top of that spent most of my weekends and evenings trying to catch up which left me feeling stressed and with little time for family or friends. Since working with Paul, I have much better control of my business from all angles. The figures have improved significantly in only 6 months, with profits almost doubling. Which has allowed me to cut back my clinical hours to only 10 per week - spend more time at home and work on the business - not in the business - a huge difference from where I was at 6 months ago.Thanks Paul.”

- Lorcan O Donaile Owner Achilles Foot Clinic & Physiotherapy - Cork
Anthony Belcher

I Have Reduced My Hours Significantly and the Business Has Not Missed a Beat

“Paul's coaching program has been a great help and my health business. Although I had a practice with good revenue and plenty of work, I was still busy working 50-60 hours per week. Pauls coaching gave me the confidence and best practice approach for reducing my hours to less than 30 per week allowing me to spend more time with my family. In this time, the business has continued along its path of growth and hasn't missed a beat. Thanks Paul for spending your time helping other health professionals achieve their life goals through their business, it really is a worthwhile cause.”

- Anthony Belcher Physiotherapist and Business Owner - Melbourne, Australia
Dr. Jade Harries

I Have Now Given Myself a Second Day Off Each Week

“After only a short time working with Paul, I have already increased my profit and reduce my hours with very little impact on my clinic. I have minimised my 'hands on' patient contact, and shifted my focus towards growing the business where I am needed the most. I usually work at 1000 miles an hour, but thankfully, Paul was able to look at both my strengths and weakness so that I could put them to better use. After establishing what I thought was already a successful business, I now know how much better things can be and happily admit to writing this from the comfort of my lounge room on Wednesday, after giving myself a second day off a week.”

- Dr. Jade Harries Owner and Director of Western Region Osteopathy - Melbourne, Australia
Nichole Hamilton

My Business Has Doubled in the Last 12 Months

“My private mentor coaching with Paul has been absolutely invaluable to my business! I love being a physio practitioner and have spent close on 20 years attending various courses and workshops to improve my clinical skills- as this is where my passion lies. I have been running a small private practice now for ten years, and I have to confess that despite all the clinical education, my business management skills were pretty limited. I had very little knowledge on how to run a business and felt I was flying blind most of the time! Paul has provided me with step by step support, offering structured systems and procedures in order to run my practice smoothly and efficiently. As a result of his guidance I now have a team of people I love to work with, my business has doubled in size the last 12 months (without the stress!), I have clear access to month to month business P and L, and I can ensure that my patients are being offered the kind of service that I want them to have within my business. Thank you so much Paul, you are simply awesome to work with!”

- Nichole Hamilton Owner of Synergy Physiotherapy

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